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The Best Blog Content Packages and Blog Management Services

Our Writers Empower your Business, Build Authority, and Drive Traffic to your Blog

Long-Form and Data-Backed

We’re not your average content company. We provide long-form options that exceed 1,000+ words. This is data-backed content that performs exceptionally well in search engines and provides real value to your audience.

Automatically Published to your Blog

What good is a content service that isn’t completely hands-off? Your time is valuable and we recognize that. Our content publishers will automatically publish each blog post with proper formatting to WordPress.

In-Depth Topic Research

We use innovative tools to find the most shared content on social networks when crafting our content topics. We then do in-depth research using multiple sources, enabling us to write the perfect piece.

Fully Search Engine Optimized (SEO)

Includes a keyword targeting report for every blog post. Our content is fully SEO’d with an H1 tag, multiple H2/H3 tags, image alt text, META title, META description and optimal keyword density.

Image Sourcing and Inclusion

Images make all the difference in an authoritative piece. Our long-form content comes with a featured image and multiple supporting images. We use stock photos only with 100% usage rights.

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Proofread & Edited with Unlimited Revisions

Choose From Our Long-Form, Premium Blogging Packages

Created specifically for businesses seeking a done-for-you solution with college graduate writers and great prices

1,000+ Words

  • Heavily Researched and Data-Backed
  • SEO Optimized with Keyword Research Report
  • Proofread, Edited and Stock Images
  • Published Live to your Blog
  • Stackable/Upgradeable
    Increase the product quantity at checkout to easily order multiple of this package as a one-time purchase or recurring monthly subscription

1,500+ Words

  • Heavily Researched and Data-Backed
  • SEO Optimized with Keyword Research Report
  • Proofread, Edited and Stock Images
  • Published Live to your Blog
  • Stackable/Upgradeable
    Increase the product quantity at checkout to easily order multiple of this package as a one-time purchase or recurring monthly subscription

2,000+ Words

  • Heavily Researched and Data-Backed
  • SEO Optimized with Keyword Research Report
  • Proofread, Edited and Stock Images
  • Published Live to your Blog
  • Stackable/Upgradeable
    Increase the product quantity at checkout to easily order multiple of this package as a one-time purchase or recurring monthly subscription

Why Does Your Website Need an Active Blog?

Expand Search Presence

Valuable content not only serves your audience, but it attracts them. Expand your search engine presence with quality blog content that's keyword researched.

Attract an Audience

Your blog is an extension of your image and professionalism. It's a way to show the industry you're the front-runner, the authority, and a new powerhouse for insight and ideas.

Drive Traffic and Exposure

Blog content empowers your search engine rankings, attracts shares on social media, and provides marketing material for your inbound and content-based campaigns.

Great Content Marketing Starts With Blogging

Blog content is essential to powering up your brand

blog content management service

Serve your Audience

Blog content addresses the pain-points and concerns of your readers. Your blog is an audience serving asset that makes consumers happy.

Provide Value to Readers

Blog content provides a means to deliver value outside of your products or services by educating and informing readers on what matters.

Do Content Marketing Right

Blogging is what empowers a content marketing campaign. Establish the basics and get ahead of competitors with quality blog posts.

Subscribe for Customized Reporting That Matches Your Goals

Helping You Track the Results of our Monthly Blog Management Services

Our customized content and traffic reports are hosted in the cloud and updated in real-time. We give you access to the data that matters. Pulled from Google Search Console, Analytics, and our exclusive in-house tools, we provide a reporting dashboard that simplifies everything and helps you track your website’s most important metrics and results. Stay on top of your blog management campaign and better understand how our services are helping you meet your goals and grow your business online.

Custom Reporting

U.S. College Graduate Writers With Disciplined Research Practices

Highly Relevant, Quality Content

We pride ourselves on our process. You’ll be impressed with the extensive research and work that our writers do to produce a great piece for your business. Considerable time is spent getting a feel for your writing style and understanding your products or services. Are you in a technical niche that few writers can grasp, making it difficult to hire locally? We’ve got the talent and disciplined research practices to be successful.

Our Process with Every Blog Post:

1. Researching your Business

Understanding your business and your products or services is essential to writing good content.

2. Researching Existing, Successful Content

We source relevant successful blog posts from social media and competing sites for content ideas.

3. Topic Ideation

Our keyword research reports and extensive analysis leads to rightfully chosen topics.

4. Writing a Great, Authoritative Piece

With SEO and performance in mind, our college graduate writers get to work on a great piece.

5. Proofreading and Editing

Proofreading allows  grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors to be carefully eliminated.

6. Optimization and Live Publication

Adding images, meta-details, and final optimizations comes just before publishing live.


Most frequent questions and answers

We’ve managed a team of writers since Empowermented was founded as a digital agency. Working with talented copywriters has been our number one priority since we set out. It has helped us grow our business and it will help you grow yours.

Over the years, we’ve built an amazing team of bloggers that love going the extra mile for our clients. We’ve got talent across the board in virtually every niche imaginable. Our prices are often lower than what you’d expect to pay if you hired a writer in-house. We’re not your run-of-the-mill content company either. We deliver real value and high quality work that you can be proud of. It’s the relationships we’ve built that have allowed for reasonable pricing.

Absolutely! All content will be attached to your order and you can review it at anytime. We’ll check back on the article to see if there are any revision requests from your end. If all is clear after 4 days, the blog post will be scheduled for publication on your website. If you have spotted something you’d like corrected, it’s as easy as letting us know and we’ll make those corrections right away.

No. Our writers are U.S. college graduates and most work solely under our brand and full-time. When we get a new client, we assign a writer to your business, one that’s best equipped to provide high quality content. Should that writer need help, they can request for another writer to take on your project at anytime. We also occasionally allow other writers to take on posts for you, to keep originality at its highest. Our team thrives on competition and we allow writers to compete for their position as lead writers for our clients.

If you’d like, of course you can. This is a big part of our process and an area that we feel we do particularly well with, given our research methods and competitor analysis. However, if you already have topics that you would like covered, you can simply message us within your order and we’ll make sure to prioritize those posts before coming up with anything fresh on our own.

Of course! Our blog management service doesn’t interfere with your existing content or any future content that you wish to add to your website. Everything we do can be built-upon, such as if you wanted to publish more in-depth articles yourself or hire a freelancer to test-the-waters. We’re confident you won’t do that after seeing the quality of our service but you’re more than welcome to publish other articles to your blog.

Short, easy-to-read content might be building a lot of hype on social media giants like Facebook, where attention spans are limited, but Google and other search engines suggest that’s not a route you want to go down. Long-form content that provides detailed, data-backed coverage of a topic continuously performs best. That’s because users appreciate and find value in the extensiveness of a long-form article. That’s also why search engines are rewarding businesses that go the extra mile with their content. If you want top rankings, more exposure, and more traffic, articles beyond 900 words will perform best.

Outsourcing isn’t always the best move for your business but for the services we specialize in, we’re confident it is.

Hiring an in-house writer or freelancer takes time and energy to be managed. Our content writers are managed by us, taking the hassle off your shoulders and providing a done-for-you solution. When you’re tired of micro-managing your writer’s every move, a blog management service is there as a refreshing alternative. Everything happens automatically, with or without your input. You’re free to get involved and approve content or request revisions, or you can hang back and we’ll automatically publish relevant, high quality content, directly to your blog.

Hiring an expert and someone that knows your business inside and out can be incredibly tough to find. We’ve done the hard work for you. Our writers are U.S. college graduates and they have experience in a wide range of fields. They’re capable of researching and writing for virtually any subject and we’ve seen them do it many times.

We often prioritize technical talent as their skill-sets can be so versatile. Many of our writers have computer science degrees. However, we work with content writers from diverse backgrounds, which provides you with a qualified writer regardless of how difficult or obscure your topic may seem.

Our research process is extensive and our writers go to great lengths to carefully examine your business and your products or services, before writing a single word. All of our writers are given sources to existing, successful content from your competitors and other industry relevant sites. This helps breed new ideas and it brings clever topic ideation to life.

We definitely do. This is a big part of the initial research process and one of the main reasons we assign a single writer to each business. Copying your business’ tone as well as researching your products or services will be an essential part of the process. Our writers will learn your business and the content your audience needs before writing a single post. Our work is geared toward serving your users and providing as much value as possible.

We’re happy to setup a blog for your business using WordPress. We can even provide free hosting too. We want to make this process as seamless and easy for you as possible so if you’re just getting started, we’ll handle the entire setup for you.

There’s not. That’s one of the biggest benefits to outsourcing with us. You will never have to message our team to make sure your posts are being written, your content is optimized, or images are being added. Everything happens automatically from your perspective and it’s a beautiful thing when you’re used to running the show and micro-managing freelancers. You can sit back and worry about the bigger picture tasks and we’ll handle your blog with precision.