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Help Affiliates Increase Conversions in your Network

If you’re a business with your own products or services, an affiliate marketing program can help you increase sales. By allowing affiliates to promote your business and earn commission on the traffic they send to your website, you gain exposure and supplement your income without increasing your expenses. Your affiliates do the heavy lifting and promotion for you.

By supporting your affiliates and providing tools, resources and strategies for them to increase conversion rates, your affiliates will generate more revenue. If you have an affiliate network with multiple products or services, you may even want to hire an affiliate network manager to help your affiliates become more successful.

Know your target market

help affiliates increase conversions in network

Your affiliates can’t sell products on your behalf if even you don’t know who they should be targeting as a prospect.

As the owner of the affiliate program, you can provide keyword research and other data that’s helpful to their marketing efforts. By furnishing your affiliates with the demographic data of your target market, they’ll know exactly who converts the best for your business and where to find them. For example, what age are you aiming for? Are men or women your intended target? What is the intended ethnic background of your potential clients? Where should they live? If you’ve been running Adwords campaigns or receiving traffic through SEO, this is data you should already have available through Google Analytics.

When your affiliates understand their target market, they will be in a better position to sell your products or services. This will increase conversion rates and generate more money for everyone.

Build Exclusive Assets

You need to make your affiliates feel like they are part of an exclusive team. They should feel privileged to be working with you. One of the best ways to build this type of connected atmosphere is to provide free content to your affiliates that’s not easily found elsewhere. Build value in your affiliate program. This will create a sense of exclusiveness and trust. Your affiliates will be more likely to invest their time with you, rather than promote a different affiliate product.

Goal Alignment

You should communicate your goals and provide a team calendar that shows reasonable expectations for their traffic and sales. When an affiliate sees the revenue other affiliates have produced with your business, they’ll feel more capable and confident in their own abilities. Motivation peaks when you have real sales data to showcase.

When you offer a marketing calendar, be sure to provide information on upcoming promotions. Your affiliates will be in a much better position to sell when they know there are coupons and discounts that can save their audience money.

With everyone working toward a common goal, you are likely to see higher conversion rates.

Software and Tools

Creating your own software or tools for your affiliate network is ideal but the budget needed for this is high and it’s generally too steep to justify. Instead, provide your affiliates with knowledge of top resources such as Moz, MajesticSEO or SEMRush. These are products that can be very useful for building an online business and driving traffic.


Affiliates help sell your products to their own audiences. Without their help, you would otherwise have no access to these prospects. It’s important to appreciate your affiliates and the work that they do. It doesn’t hurt to simply make time and show your appreciation. It’s amazing how a simple thank you can motivate an affiliate to go out there and sell.

You should also consider offering additional incentives to your affiliates. In exchange for more sales for example, you can offer higher commissions. Another successful strategy is to create a competition to reward affiliates that bring in the most sales. Your team is likely to be more creative and work harder when there’s a financial reward for doing so.

Effective Landing Pages

Creating dedicated landing pages for your affiliates is a great way to boost their performance. Building a landing page that’s engaging and converts takes time, which is something some of your affiliates won’t have. By providing a ready-made landing page that performs well, your affiliates will be able to promote in emails, blog posts and other pages with confidence that the link they are sending their traffic to is going to convert.

The goal is to bring traffic straight to your sales-optimized landing page without interruptions. Pre-made landing pages will facilitate this while increasing conversions.

A/B Split Testing

Educate your affiliates on the power of A/B split testing. This is something you should already be doing on your own websites and if your affiliates do it too, your network will have the highest conversion rates possible.

A/B split testing allows you to compare different versions of your website to see which performs the best. You can track conversions, hot spots the user gravitates to on the page, click-through’s and much more. When it comes to getting the most out of your promotion, A/B split testing is a real asset to your business. It allows you to squeeze extra leads and sales out of your traffic and it’s a powerful component of a content marketing strategy.

Educate your Affiliates

The best way to increase conversion rates in your affiliate network is to educate your affiliates on digital marketing concepts and tactics. The better marketers you have in your network, the more revenue they will generate. You can put together guides and content marketing strategies for your affiliates to use to drive traffic online.

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