• Why our Core SEO Services Work and How to Order

How our Core SEO Services Work at Empowermented

Empowermented is unique in the way that we provide our services. Rather than presenting ourselves as an SEO company, we chose to productize and package each individual service.

Among these are our core SEO services – blog content, guest posting, and link building.

These are three high powered solutions that you can use to implement a complete SEO campaign.

Our services are comprehensive and inclusive of everything you need to build your brand, rank in search engines, drive traffic, and increase your revenue. However, not every business knows how to piece them together effectively. Below, I cover extensively how each service should be used to create a fully managed and hands-off approach to SEO.

You get more value through refined and focused services

We took this approach because it allows us to provide better value to our clients.

By refining and focusing our services, we’re able to deliver higher quality work and ultimately, better results. We have systemized and perfected each service, then packaged that offering into a valuable plan that can be scaled as your business grows. We don’t offer anything that we’re not 100% confident we can provide. We stick to what we’re great at.

Each service features agency low pricing that starts small, allowing even the most budget-limited businesses to get involved.

What Led to Productizing?

productized seo service packages

Empowermented was founded after many years spent as an SEO consultant. My passion was always in the services. I loved providing a great service and systematizing the approach to make it perfect, time and time again. I was and still am a nerd for the numbers and the mechanics of running a business.

The problem was, I was consistently met with differing requirements for each client. It was draining my energy and making it difficult to provide prompt support, quality services, and consistent turnarounds.

I was burning out. I loved the process but the complexities of working in a different landscape for every client were getting to me. I wanted to help businesses get more out of their digital marketing investments and through the Empowermented model, I am able to do that.

I chose to double-down on what we can do best. The core services offered at Empowermented are things every business needs. They can be easily pieced together to create an all-encompassing SEO service.

It’s catered to businesses and agencies with an understanding of how our services work, but that doesn’t mean you have to be an expert. This post is intended to guide and help you navigate our services.

How To Use Our Core SEO Services

how to why use core seo services

Our core SEO services comes as a trio – blog content, guest posting, and link building.

To understand why they work and how you should order them, you have to understand our philosophy.

At the basis of every SEO campaign is great content.

Whether you’re looking to improve the rankings of your homepage, a product page, a service page, or a blog post – it’s always going to be about the content.

  • Does the page offer what the searcher intends to find?
  • Is it the best resource on the subject? Hint: check your competitors.
  • What can you do to improve the page to offer even more value to your audience?
  • Is your content something your audience would return for, and trust in? Are you the authority?

This should always be what you ask yourself first and foremost.

The page you intend to rank has to be worthy of ranking.

Google measures bounce rates, time on page, and many other metrics to determine whether you should keep your rankings. When you put in the effort to always produce great content, you never have to worry about lost positioning due to content inefficiencies.

1. Order On-Page SEO For Key pages

on page seo

Before you can write more content for your website, build links, or guest post, you need to make sure the key pages of your website have been properly optimized.

We’re going to assume that you have already done your part adding great content to key pages like the:

  • homepage
  • product pages
  • product categories
  • service pages

These are pages of a website that typically require copywriting – a sales oriented writing style that’s catered to higher conversions.

If you’re not feeling confident and you would like completely fresh content for these pages, you can use our blog content service and simply provide directions for our writers. We don’t specialize in sales copy, but I don’t want to leave you empty handed if you have no in-house options for content.

On-Page SEO Ensures the Page is Properly Optimized

It’s worth going back through and ensuring the on-page optimization is complete. You can order our on-page SEO service for each page that needs review.

On-page comes with keyword research and analysis – pinpointing the best target phrases for that page.

Blog Content is Essential To These Key Pages

Even if the key pages of your website are short on content (which sales pages generally are) our blog content will be internally linked to your key pages, which passes authority and relevance.

An internal link is just like any other link, except it links to a page that’s within your website. This Empowermented link is an example of an internal link from this blog post to our homepage.

  • Blog content internally links to your homepage
  • Blog content internally links to product and service pages
  • Blog content internally links to other blog content
  • Your blog expands your website’s topic coverage
  • Authority and relevance is passed through to key pages by internal linking
  • Blog content can be promoted/linked to, subsequently boosting its internally linked pages even further

Trying to rank key pages of your website that have little supporting content is difficult.

If you setup a one page website (just a homepage), it would take substantially more guest posting, link building, and off-site promotion to rank that page. Search engines wouldn’t have any supporting content that shows the homepage is trustworthy and reputable.

When compared to a website that has both a homepage and an active blog with lots of internal linking, there’s a significant difference. It’s easier to rank a page with relevant internal links pointing to it.

2. Order Blog Content

blog content post seo service

What I’ve covered up to this point is that blog content is beneficial to your website’s rankings and search engine presence as a whole, because blog posts benefit the pages they’re internally linked to.

Our team ensures each post we write is internally linked to your website’s relevant key pages. Overtime, that would grow to also include other blog posts, but in the beginning of your SEO campaign, that’s generally your homepage and product/service pages.

blog content Grows Your Audience

Every blog post is keyword targeted and structured around a topic that’s beneficial to your brand. All blog content has potential to rank independently, driving traffic and revenue.

We choose topics for blog posts based off the actual needs of your audience, including:

  • Questions
  • Lists
  • Guides, tutorials, and how-to post
  • Resources and link compilations
  • Checklists and to-do’s
  • Reviews on top products or services
  • Infographics & video breakdowns
  • Rants and controversial posts
  • News
  • Research and data

Blog content is a way to stay in touch with your audience, educate and inform, and nurture your leads. It provides a communication channel that creates authority and sells your products or services for you.

Blog Content Is Search Engine Optimized

We go the extra mile to ensure our blog posts are as search engine friendly as possible. What good is a content service that doesn’t expand your online presence and provide more traffic? Our blog content has everything you’d expect from an SEO perspective, and then some:

  • Keyword research report for optimal keyword targeting
  • Optimized META title and description
  • Optimized H1 tag and multiple H2/H3 tags
  • Bolded headers and subheaders
  • Category optimization and selection
  • Tag optimization and inclusion
  • Images with optimized image ALT text
  • Optimal keyword density

Blogging is one of the most effective ways to expand your website’s topic coverage and start ranking in search engines for long-tail keyword phrases.

Long-tail phrases are lengthier, less commonly searched phrases that also have less competition. It’s easier to rank for these phrases and that’s why blog content is the perfect medium for targeting them.

3. Order Link Building

seo link building off page

Links are what drive search engine rankings. Aside from having great content that’s well optimized, the next best thing to do is start promoting your content and building links in places your audience will see them. That’s the focus of our link building service – real links that provide exposure and traffic. We want to expand your presence and provide genuine value through link building.

Backlinks are what show search engines that your content is well received and liked, because it’s linked to by lots of other, reputable websites.

Our link building strategy emulates content that has gone viral. We use syndication and other high powered methods that are safe for your brand and always backed by high quality content.

Outdated link building methods once focused on high quantities of links. Today, we focus on landing better links and reaching out to your target audience in the process.

Rather than looking at link building as a behind-the-scenes practice that leads to better rankings, we use it at the forefront of content promotion. There’s no reason why you can’t advertise your business and build your brand in the process of getting great links.

Build Links to Your Key Pages

The key pages of your website are always going to be the primary focus of your search engine rankings. A better presence for your homepage and product/service pages is incredibly valuable to your brand.

By subscribing to a consistent link building strategy for these pages, you can start to grow their search engine presence in a genuine way that’s healthy for their long-term rankings.

Build Links To Your Blog Posts

By using our link building service for your blog posts, you not only increase their rankings, but you increase the rankings of the key pages that are internally linked within those posts.

Link building to blog content helps promote those pieces and gain exposure and traffic, while growing their search engine presence long-term.

4. Order Guest Posting

guest posting seo blogging service

Guest blogging is a powerful strategy that provides search engine benefits while building your brand and expanding your reach.

Every guest post is published on an active blog with a genuine audience.

It’s an opportunity to reach out to new readers and potentially drive them to your own blog. Every piece demonstrates that you’re the authority in that space and there’s reason to checkout your website.

Guest posts are also search engine optimized.

Your contributed piece has potential to rank and drive traffic independently. When you’re featured in the author biography section, or within the content itself, this increases exposure for your brand. By landing a guest post on an authority site with a strong search engine presence, there’s a good chance your post will rank without having to lift a finger.

Guest Posting Builds Quality Backlinks

It’s easy to get caught up in the branding and traffic potential of guest blogging. Your guest posts have a lot of great benefits. However, one of their strongest benefits is the backlink that’s provided to your website.

Guest posts build links that otherwise wouldn’t be possible.

Very few high quality blogs are going to link to your website without some form of contribution. Your guest post is that contribution. It provides tangible value to their website. Most website owners are happy to allow a link or two in the content or author bio.

Link Guest Posts To Your Key Pages

Guest blogging is a great way to supplement your SEO strategy and build links to the key pages of your website. These are pages that you may have already done link building to and guest blogging can help fill the void and provide the impact you need for your rankings.

You should order guest posting for your homepage, product/service pages, and other pages that typically don’t get linked to because of their amazing content, like your blog might.

You can link guest posts to your blog content as well, but guest posts are higher quality and more difficult to secure than other types of links. They should generally be saved for the most important pages of your website where search engine rankings can have the greatest impact.


seo services how and why at empowermented

Our SEO services at Empowermented are based on the genuine needs of businesses and agencies. We provide content-based digital marketing that brings measurable value.

However, we do it in a productized format that allows businesses to pick-and-choose the services they need. You can order as required for your clients or your own websites with no contract or upfront consultations required.

We specialize in providing great services that our research and experience has proven through the results. We’re perfectionists in inbound marketing and content-based SEO. When you work with our team, you’re getting years of refined focus and discipline behind our products.

You can dedicate yourself to the bigger picture items that are important to your business and leave your digital marketing pursuits in good hands.

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