How to Grant User Access in Google Analytics & Search Console

Have you recently subscribed to one of our monthly services and received a welcome email asking you to grant user access to Google Analytics and Google Search Console?

Don’t worry, access granting is easy and only takes a moment.

Admin/editing rights aren’t necessary. You may choose the “read & analyze” permission level if desired. While we recommend allowing full access, it isn’t required and we understand your need for security.

To follow these directions, you must first have your website already setup within Analytics and Search Console. If you don’t already have a Google account with this configured, contact us and we can help you.

Let’s start with Google Analytics.

Step 1: Sign in to Google Analytics at:

Step 2: Select the website/property you wish to grant access to from the dropdown in the top left.

Step 3: Click the Admin icon in the bottom left.

Step 4: Under the Property column (the middle column), select User Management.

Note: If you would like to grant our team access to your entire Analytics account and all websites/properties within it, you can select User Management under the Account column (the left column)

Step 5: Click the blue + icon in the top right and select Add users.

Step 6: Enter our email address ([email protected])

Step 7: Select your desired permission level. All permissions are recommended but you may select only the Read & Analyze permissions if desired.

Step 7: Add the user by clicking Add in the top right.

That’s it! You’re done!

Now let’s do Google Search Console

Step 1: Sign in to Google Search Console at:

Step 2: Select Main menu in the top left.

Step 3: Click the Search property dropdown and select your website/property.

Step 4: Click Settings in the bottom left within the options panel.

Step 5: Click Users and permissions.

Step 6: Click Add User in the top right.

Step 7: Enter our email address ([email protected]) and select your desired permission level. Full is recommended but you may select Restricted if desired. Add the user by clicking Add.

That’s it! You’re done! That last step had multiple parts.

You’ve now added our Google account as a user to your Analytics and Search Console properties. This gives our team access to data about your website. This data helps our team uncover and track important keywords, discover more about your audience, see where traffic is coming from, know which marketing efforts are most effective and much more. Google Analytics and Google Search Console are incredibly helpful tools that empower our services and allow us to provide premium reporting.

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