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Our Services

Refined, focused and we do it all – build your business and expand your website’s online presence with our content-based digital marketing

Blog Content

Our content writers research and write premium blog posts that engage your audience, build your brand, and expand your presence.

Content Marketing

Blog content, sales funnels, email newsletters, outreach and more. Our all-encompassing content marketing service does it all.

Managed SEO

Establish your search engine rankings long-term with month-to-month SEO packages that are content-based, result focused, and affordable.

Managed PPC

Advertising on social media or search engines? Our team will manage your ads, implement retargeting, write ad copy, setup groups and more.

Guest Posting

We do real outreach to premium blogs in your industry and secure guest posts under your brand. Guest blogging provides strong results.

Link Building

Our high quality links come from syndicated content - a powerful SEO strategy that emulates the same link patterns seen in viral content.

Why Empowermented?

Founders Don't Have The Time

As the founder of your business, you know there isn’t enough time in the day to accomplish everything. You’ve got grand visions, but you need help executing. We provide the essential marketing services your business needs.

Agencies Need to Streamline

Hiring freelancers can be rough. Between missed deadlines and inconsistent quality – you’ve suffered enough. We manage the team so your agency doesn’t have to. Streamline production and get more done with better quality than ever before.

Our Services Are Top Notch

Our in-house team consists of highly vetted specialists of their craft. From our college educated U.S. native writers to our dedicated link builders, we have decades of combined digital marketing experience with experts in every field. 

“Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet. The broad opportunities for most companies involve supplying information or entertainment. No company is too small to participate.”

Bill Gates

Highly Focused Services That Scale With You

Digital marketing isn’t a career path we stumbled into – it has been our livelihood for many years. Our team comes from a decorated background in SEO, copywriting, inbound marketing, and other specialties within the broad spectrum of fields that internet marketing covers. Each service is heavily refined and focused – offered as a standalone one-time purchase, or monthly as a recurring subscription. These are services we stand behind and guarantee superior quality and exceptional care. There’s no contract or minimum subscription period. You’re free to order or subscribe as needed for your clients, or your own businesses. We’re confident in our ability to earn your recurring business.

No Contract

You shouldn't have to worry about getting locked into a contract or commitment.

White Label

Agencies can use our services as a white label provider. Our reports are 100% unbranded.


There's no expensive management costs because we package what we provide.

Only What you Need

Don't pay expensive marketing agency prices. Here, you pay for only what you need.

Direct Support

A control panel to message the team members assigned to tasks within your order.


Our blog is extensive and covers a wide variety of questions and concerns.

Blog Content Pricing

Blogging is an excellent place to start for businesses that are looking to scale with content marketing and SEO

2 Blog Posts

$ 299
  • 1,000+ words of premium blog content with 1 featured image and auto publishing

4 Blog Posts

$ 499
  • 1,000+ words of premium blog content with 1 featured image and 1 stock image

8 Blog Posts

$ 899
  • 1,000+ words of premium blog content with 1 featured image and 2 stock images

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