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Founder of Empowermented, software developer, and U.S. Marine, Dylan Bozeman is an avid learner with a diverse web development portfolio and an entrepreneurial drive.

Relevant External Links Increase Authority and Search Engine Rankings

Adding relevant external links to your content can be more than just a good measure for readers. External links are attributed to increased content authority and higher search engine rankings. If you’re using the content for link building purposes, then outbound links become even more important. Surrounding [...]

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Guide to Free Keyword Research for Long-tail Phrases

With any blog post or page on your website, keyword research is an essential first step. Targeting the right keywords is fundamental to SEO and inbound traffic generation. Similarly, targeting the wrong keywords leads to lost potential and hindered growth. Keywords that are too competitive for [...]

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Free Guide: How to Promote Blog Content & Articles

Blog traffic means more readers, subscribers, leads and sales. So how do we get it? Fortunately, blog posts have more avenues for promotion than many other types of content. For starters, assuming you're not outsourcing on the cheap or opting for the world's dullest freelance writer, your content [...]

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How to Monetize your Hobby Blog and Make Money Online

When I built my first website, making money online from blogging still felt like an underground and exclusive community of entrepreneurs. We were members of several internet marketing forums, and it seemed like there were only a handful of us that were really into it. [...]

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13 Content Marketing and SEO Trends of 2018 and Beyond

Get a jump on 2018 and beyond with these observed content marketing trends that are proven and measurable. An ideal companion to your inbound strategy in 2018, content marketing is more than just SEO. Content has potential to elevate your online presence beyond search engines. Content [...]

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Fostering Productivity and Motivation as an Entrepreneur

Many of our clients are entepreneurs or have an entrepreneurial mindset. They've founded businesses, run marketing agencies, or have climbed the corporate ladder. Since I'm always looking for ways to foster productivity and stay motivated, I thought many of you might be too. Burnout is [...]

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