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85 Sites for Outsourcing Online Services to Freelancers

Outsourcing online services to freelancers or virtual assistants can be beneficial to your business on multiple fronts. It not only helps you accomplish more for your own website, but it can be used to expand into new markets or to better serve your clients.

As a content marketing and SEO agency, we’re very familiar to the benefits of outsourcing. While we now have an exclusive team, freelancers and virtual assistants were once a major asset to our services.

Outsourcing allows your business to scale and get more accomplished without getting bogged down in overhead costs or overwhelming workloads. Instead, you can delegate work to providers that are more capable than you are on your own.

Outsourcing to overseas contractors

If you’re looking to cut costs, outsourcing overseas is a real possibility. Some of the best assistants come from countries like the Philippines, Bangledish, and India. You’d be surprised how easily you can overcome language barriers when you make use of technology like screen capturing and video tutorials. Most freelancers in these countries have a basic grasp of the English language. Wages are lower and someone with computer skills in these countries can turn to the internet to earn a handsome salary. It’s a legitimate way for them to support a family and create opportunity.

The most important thing to understand when you’re outsourcing overseas is that you can’t pay pennies and expect to be trusted. Money talks and you earn trust from your employees by paying them well and respecting their effort. While salaries in these countries differ from the States, $4 per hour is about as low as you can expect to pay. Additionally, if your assistant has prior design, programming or marketing experience, their wage expectations might not be any more affordable than hiring locally.

For the first few months, their production will be low and a lot of time will be spent on training them to understand your needs. If you have faith in your VA, try not to get discouraged and understand that their progress will become apparent as they have more time to develop.

Freelancers or virtual assistants

outsourcing online services to freelancers sites

Freelancers often specialize in one or two specific tasks. They become experts at their craft.

It’s unusual to find a freelancer that provides complete content marketing or SEO strategies. Their expertise is generally a single component of that overarching strategy.

We outsource to freelancers like copywriters, link builders, SEOs, web designers and content promotion specialists. Individually, their talents truly shine and it’s easy to see the hard work and devotion that goes into perfecting their skill-set. Collectively, these services come together to form packages that connect all of these components into powerful campaigns. This makes their respective talents part of something bigger and greater. By delegating work and outsourcing to those who you know will do the job right, they’re able to stick to what they’re already trained to do. Put simply, they get it done faster and better. It’s far more effective than trying to do everything on your own and stretching yourself too thin.

Outsourcing online services does get more challenging when you transition from hiring freelancers to developing your own team. This will inevitably involve having to train your virtual assistants to do the tasks you need done because they are less likely to have prior experience in those fields.

85 sites for outsourcing online services to freelancers or virtual assistants:

  1. Joomlancers
  2. Hexi Design
  3. Geniuzz
  4. Guru
  5. Project 4 Hire
  6. Rapid Workers
  7. Scribendi
  8. Red Gage
  9. Simply Hired
  10. Minijobz
  11. Gig Bucks
  12. Quikr
  13. Writer Bay
  14. Damongo
  15. Sologig
  16. Programmer Meet Designer
  17. Fiverr
  18. Flex Jobs
  19. Yuno Juno
  20. Gun.io
  21. Genuine Jobs
  22. Gig Blasters
  23. ScalablePath
  24. Mechanical Turk
  25. Online Writing Jobs
  26. Dice
  27. Online Jobs
  28. Computer Assistant
  29. Easy Outsource
  30. iFreelance
  31. Gig Dollars
  32. Backpage
  33. Media Bistro
  34. Demand Studios
  35. Freelance Writing Jobs
  36. Freelance Writing Gigs
  37. Fourerr
  38. Design Crowd
  39. Ten Bux
  40. Authentic Jobs
  41. Greatlance
  42. Zeerk
  43. Craigslist
  44. Short Task
  45. Gumtree
  46. Field Nation
  47. Freelanced
  48. Gig Bux
  49. Taskr
  50. Journalism Jobs
  51. 99 Designs
  52. Student Freelancing
  53. Task Army
  54. Staff
  55. Freelancer
  56. Behance
  57. Get A Coder
  58. College Recruiter
  59. SEO Clerks
  60. iWriter
  61. Text Broker
  62. Lime Exchange
  63. Coroflot
  64. Problogger Jobs
  65. Findeavor
  66. Black Hat World
  67. Workhoppers
  68. We Work Remotely
  69. Crowd Spring
  70. Aquent
  71. Microworkers
  72. Smashing Jobs
  73. Tutor
  74. IM GiGz
  75. Just Answer
  76. Topta
  77. People Per Hour
  78. Art Wanted
  79. Hire My Mom
  80. Envanto
  81. Top Coder
  82. JobBoy
  83. Triond
  84. Government Bids
  85. Help Cove

Many of the sites above are exclusive to freelancers with specific talents such as coding or copywriting. These are sites where you can find specialized skill-sets and truly build a capable team. There’s also sites that are exclusive to specific regions of the world. You can use these freelance portals, marketplaces and job boards to outsource online services effectively.

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