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Guide to Publishing Amazon Kindle eBooks For Profit

Creating and uploading an eBook on the Kindle platform can be a profitable endeavor for those that create quality work and know how to go about marketing their creations. Although the entire process might seem a little daunting at first, it’s actually much easier than you would think.

The first thing that you need to ask yourself is “why am I publishing an eBook?” There are many reasons why publishing an eBook can be a worthwhile endeavor – for reasons outside of just profit. Some of the benefits of publishing an eBook include;

  • Proving your Authority. Publishing an eBook is a great way to establish yourself as an expert in your field. You can cover a multitude of subjects and truly establish yourself as an expert in your field. You can then list these eBooks on your blog or website and create a certain level of trust with your readers. These eBooks can then be referenced in any endeavor that you take on from there on out.
  • eReaders are mainstream now. Year over year the number of eReaders sold has doubled. Add that to the fact that more users have tablets then ever before and you’ll find that the number of individuals with platforms for reading eBooks (and in particular Kindle eBooks) has never been higher than it is today. While there once was a time when publishing an eBook might have not been worth your time – it is definitely not the case today.
  • Kindle is the best platform for publishing. there is no doubt about it – Kindle is undoubtedly the best platform for publishing eBooks today. The Kindle platform has grown well beyond its humble beginnings. Today, it is the best option for publishing eBooks and getting them seen.

Kindle publishing gives you the chance to grow and expand your business. It allows you to connect directly with your audience and provide them with the information that they need.

Determine your Target Audience

target audience for amazon kindle book publishing

Start by determining who your target audience is, so that you know how to properly market to those individuals. Amazon provides you with a lot of different options for proper targeting and reaching that audience, but it must be defined first. Ask yourself the following questions when attempting to determine who your target audience for your eBook is;

  • Who is interested in your product?
  • What are they looking to gain from your product? What is the eBook actually helping them to do?
  • How can the eBook be used to gain your trust and connect with your audience? What will they be looking for?

Connecting with and determining your target audience is the most important access of publishing a successful, profitable eBook. But without a proper promotional platform (like a blog) it might be hard for you to gain any traction with your published eBook.

Creating or Finding a Platform for Promotion

You can write the greatest eBook in the world but unless you are able to properly promote it, you’re never going to see the success that you are hoping for. For your eBook to sell well – people have to know about it. For that to happen, you need a platform to make people aware of its existence or else it will get lost in the sea of endless eBooks.

Perhaps the best platform for eBook promotion is a blog with some healthy readership. Ideally, you would have grown this blog before deciding to write the eBook. But, beyond reaching your target audience, a blog gives you some serious benefits outside of what you might expect.

To start – it allows your readers to find you and continue to support you in a variety of ways. A blog can turn an eBook reader into a longtime fan.

It also allows you to continue the conversation that was started by the eBook. The blog can serve as your portfolio, giving you additional credibility. It allows you to put yourself out there and truly grow your trust with your potential audience.

Additionally, having a blog makes it easier for you to put together a social media presence around the release of your eBook. Taking to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn (for b2b eBooks) can be a great way to increase the attention that is paid to the release of your book. It gives your readers the opportunity to follow you, and see what other products you end up releasing as well.

Writing Your eBook

writing your amazon kindle ebook

With your target audience in mind – writing your eBook is the most critical step. You have to make sure that you are appropriately targeting your audience.

Planning and Outlining

You want to make sure that you are covering your subject in full. the best way to make sure of this is to ensure that you are properly planning and outlining your eBook in full.

Outlining gives you a good idea of where you are heading and makes the entire process of writing the eBook much more simple.

Outline the chapters, and sub-headings within each chapter. That way when you start writing your eBook you can just go. There is no waiting, there is no guessing what to write about next. It simplifies the process as a whole.

Make sure that you cover all sub-subjects within your main subject in their entirety. This makes things much easier to handle.

Then just start writing. It really is that simple.

Take these things into account when writing your eBook to make sure that it is properly formatted and has all of hte necessary pieces;

Table of Contents

You can use the outline that you created as a basis for your table of contents, which generally should go at the beginning of your book. the table of contents is important because they are generally viewable by Amazon users in the free preview and gives them an idea of all of hte subjects that are covered throughout the book. The table of contents is very important for making those that have otherwise never heard of your eBook interested in what it is that you provide.

Page Breaks

You have to insert a page break after each chapter in your eBook. This helps to eliminate the unnecessary white space so that the reader is able to easily see the entire book without issues. Page break after every major section of your eBook.

Keep Your Fonts basic

Although it might seem like a good idea to use a showy font – you should avoid using anything but the standard fonts that you generally see in eBooks and on websites. Keep things simple. This ensures that your eBook is easy to read and easy on the eyes.

Don’t Use Headers or Footers

Headers and footers are not necessary for eBooks and can actually clutter things up. You should avoid them completely.

Make Sure Headings Stand Out

Make sure that your headings have been bolded and that the font size is larger than the paragraphs and other portions of your eBook.

Resources for Kindle Publications

Amazon makes a number of resources available that can help you to better put together your eBook. this helps to ensure that the eBook looks great across multiple platforms including e-readers and Kindle devices.


This link is a collection of all of the different resources that Amazon has made available. Remember that there are plenty of other resources out there as well, produced by third party organizations.

The Amazon resource list will allow you to preview your eBook in the Kindle applications, and compare it to other.mobi files. This can be a good tool for evaluating the competition.

eBook Formatting and Design

eBook formatting is probably the most important thing that needs to be taken into consideration before uploading your eBook. Using the resources that Amazon makes available to you certainly makes it much easier to properly format your eBook.

Also take into consideration that you can pay a service provider to format your eBook. There are a multitude of conversion services that can help to provide you with a professional look for your eBook.

Before uploading your eBook you also need to make sure that you have a proper cover for it. You can hire out or make it yourself, but start by examining all of the different covers for eBooks in your own industry. This will help you to ensure that you have an idea of what works within your industry.

Kindle Direct Publishing

Kindle direct publishing for ebook profit

When you publish your ebook you need to decide if you will be going with Kindle Direct Publishing or with another method. When enrolling in Kindle Direct Publishing, the eBook is locked for the first 90 days. You also have 5 free promotional days in which you can offer your eBook to the public for free. After those 5 days, the book returns to the market for the agreed upon price.

Additionally, for those 90 days your eBook will be available in the Kindle Owners Library. During this time it will be available to Amazon Prime members. They can choose to borrow your book, and you will earn money during that period.

Keep in mind that you do not have to enroll your eBook in the Kindle Direct Publishing program – but it can provide you with some promotional opportunities you otherwise would not have access to. You can still list your book in the Kindle store without enrolling in the program.

There are some additional considerations with the Kindle Direct Publishing program. Including;

You can not promote your eBook on your blog, or through your email newsletter as an opt-in bonus.

  • Cannot be placed in iBooks.
  • Cannot be placed on the Nook.
  • Cannot offer a PDF version.
  • The eBook is completely exclusive to Amazon.

Uploading your eBook

Now that you know whether you are using the Kindle Direct Publishing program or not, you can go about uploading the eBook.

There’s an upload guide provided by Amazon.

It walks you through the steps of creating and uploading your new eBook. Once you hit the publish button, it will take about 24 hours before it becomes listed on the Kindle store.

Keep in mind that your eBook can become unpublished at any time if you are unhappy with the arrangement.


When you publish an Amazon eBook, you are in charge of the price of the book. The Kindle Direct Publisher program allows for two options in regard to royalties – 70% and 35%.

Only certain books are eligible for 70% royalties. They most meet the following criteria;

  • Be priced between $2.99 and $9.99
  • More than 20% below the price of the physical version of the book, if one exists.

This helps Amazon to ensure that they are able to keep the price down for digital eBooks, which has been a long running problem on the platform.


That about sums up all is required when publishing an eBook. You’ll find that the Amazon Kindle store can be quite accommodating.

Publishing your own eBook is an excellent choice for promoting yourself, and is an excellent addition to any of your content marketing efforts. With a great cover, quality content, and proper formatting you can then set your sights on promoting your eBook.

Self-publishing is undoubtedly the way of the future. Although print publications still have some time left – they are on borrowed time. Publishing an eBook is incredibly simple, especially compared to some of the other options that are available and the Amazon Kindle store is undoubtedly the best available option.

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